24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Perth

Ensure your business is safeguarded against break-ins, theft, and property damage around the clock. Castle Security offers 24 hour security system monitoring, manned by highly trained local professionals who provide day and night vigilance at a fraction of the cost of on-site security personnel.

Your Business Needs 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

Every business and property is unique, and the cost of a breach can be substantial. Castle Security’s alarm monitoring services are specifically designed for commercial properties. We collaborate closely with you to design and install a system that addresses key business concerns.

Inventory protection

Employee Safety

Premise Security

Vehicle access management

Break-in deterrence

Fire alarm monitoring

False alarms

Mobile phone system monitoring

24/7/365 monitored alarm

Backup battery

What Our Monitored Alarm System Includes

  • CCTV Video Verification Monitoring

    Access your property CCTV systems at any time, with features including event and motion detection, remote security monitoring, cloud CTTV storage, and thermal detection, all integrated with your access control systems.

  • Security Alarm Monitoring Service

    Before dispatching personnel, our local, Western Australia based, security monitoring centre verifies the nature of the alert—be it a break-in or fire—potentially saving thousands in unnecessary call-out fees by ensuring a full security staff response is justified.

  • Staff Security Systems

    Maintain a secure work environment with integrated systems to manage access, monitor employee and vehicle movements, and enable real-time communication for immediate warning in risky situations.

  • Lone Worker Protection

    Equip your lone workers, like medical staff or delivery drivers, with our advanced GPS personal alarms, ensuring their movements are tracked and assistance is dispatched promptly when needed.

  • 24/7 Access Control

    Manage your operations securely day and night. Our remote-monitored systems allow you to arm or disarm alarms, manage visitor access, and monitor live CCTV feeds—all from a one mobile phone app.

  • The 24 Hour Monitoring Process

    1. Alarm Activation

      Any activation alerts our local WA-based monitoring centre immediately.

    2. Monitoring Centre Notified

      Our team assesses signals to determine if they indicate unauthorised access or movement.

    3. Monitoring Centre Responds

      Staff can access your commercial CCTV with a click to evaluate the situation, contacting law enforcement or designated contacts based on real-time assessments.

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      Elevate your security with Castle Security’s 24-hour, alarm monitoring system. Gain the assurance that your premises are constantly monitored by dedicated professionals focused on maintaining your safety. Don’t wait until a security incident occurs to recognise the need for reliable alarm systems and monitoring. Contact Castle Security today for a no-obligation consultation and secure full control of your business’s safety 24/7.

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