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For Australia’s older generation and those living with a disability, independence in the home is key to enjoying a full and happy life, while still receiving essential care and services. Connected security devices, from personal alarms to smart home technology, are making it easier for individuals, family members, and healthcare providers to support that quality of life.

Technology’s Role In Independent Living

Almost half (45%) of people aged 65+ live alone, while 96% of people with a disability live in households rather than care facilities.

Home automation devices are designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, making everyday tasks both easier and safer. Turn off the lights, close blinds, and secure the garage door with simple voice commands or through automated schedules.

Our AI Platform actively monitors your daily patterns. Should it detect any irregularities, it promptly notifies emergency monitoring services or designated family members and caregivers.

Whether you are seeking simple modifications or comprehensive system upgrades, our products are affordably priced and tailored to meet individual needs. At Castle Security, we are committed to customising our technology to enhance your lifestyle, providing peace of mind and convenience at every level.

Benefits of Automation for Retirement Homes

There are numerous reasons why homeowners in WA are choosing to install advanced automation systems in their properties.

offer significant quality-of-life improvements, particularly for people with mobility limitations

enhanced security through the use of smart security cameras, which increase awareness of any intruders

automated control of appliances and lighting not only boosts home safety and convenience

intercom systems allow you to greet guests and conduct conversations safely from afar

Smart Home Technology For Homes Across Perth

Choosing the right home automation system can be challenging with so many options available. At Castle Security, Perth’s security experts, we are here to help streamline this process. Our team specialises in designing, supplying, and installing state-of-the-art automation systems for a wide range of clients.

Beyond installations, our skilled automation specialists provide up-to-date and relevant advice. We’ll take the time to understand your family’s specific needs, helping you identify the automation solutions that best enhance your home.

Allow us to guide you in selecting the most suitable automation features to make your home smarter and more secure. this includes

  • Emergency buttons for the elderly
  • Video intercoms
  • Smart home devices with medical security functions
  • Access control systems
  • Integrated security systems

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Frequently asked questions

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  • How can a smart thermostat benefit elderly or disabled individuals living independently?

    A smart thermostat is a key feature in home automation that enhances comfort and control over heating and cooling systems with minimal effort. For elderly or disabled individuals, it allows easy temperature adjustments from a smartphone or voice-activated device, ensuring they can maintain a comfortable environment effortlessly and independently.

  • What advantages does a smart lock offer for those requiring accessible living solutions?

    Smart locks provide enhanced security and ease of access, making them ideal for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. These locks can be operated remotely via a smartphone app, which means doors can be locked or unlocked without physical keys, reducing barriers to entry and increasing safety for those who may not be able to quickly answer the door.

  • Can home automation systems monitor health metrics like blood pressure?

    Yes, some advanced home automation systems integrate with medical devices that monitor health metrics such as blood pressure. These systems can track and record vital signs, alerting caregivers or family members if abnormal readings are detected. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who require continuous health monitoring.

  • What is lighting control and how does it improve safety for the elderly and disabled?

    Lighting control systems allow users to manage the lighting in their home either automatically, through motion sensors, or remotely via smartphone apps. This ensures that rooms are adequately lit when needed, which can prevent falls and injuries, especially for the elderly or those with mobility challenges. Automated lighting is a simple yet effective way to enhance the safety and accessibility of a home.

Consult The Aged & Disability Assistive Technology Experts

Ready to enhance the independence and quality of life for the elderly and those with disabilities in your home? Castle Security provides cutting-edge home automation systems in Perth, designed to offer comfort, convenience, and enhanced care through smart technology. Our systems, from personal alarms to integrated security solutions, ensure that everyday tasks are simpler and living environments are safer.

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