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Experience seamless communication and enhanced security with our advanced cloud-based intercom systems, featuring characteristics and functionalities such as an intuitive interface, seamless pairing with other smart devices, and one-tap response tools, modernising home security technology. Contact us today to learn how cloud intercom can revolutionise your premises!

Why upgrade to a cloud intercom system

Is your home security set up outdated? It’s time to bring it into the future.

Modern home technology has now made it possible to protect your home and its belongings from wherever you are thanks to cloud migration and integration. Additionally, the elimination of hardware in these systems offers significant cost-saving benefits. A cloud-based video intercom system enhances security, flexibility, and scalability for homeowners. Features such as an intuitive interface, full-screen calling, and smart call routing logic make these systems highly efficient and user-friendly.

To protect your home from unwanted visitors, an intercom system is one of the most necessary security measures you can take. To improve your experience as a homeowner, the next best measure is to migrate your intercom system to a cloud based solution so it can be managed remotely and accessed from wherever you are. This also allows for seamless communication by integrating with phone systems.

What is a cloud intercom system?

  • Traditional Systems

    A home intercom system is an electronic device, usually stationed within a house, designed to connect people through an audio and/or video feed. A homeowner may use their home’s intercom system to verify people from within the house who are trying to enter the home or provide verbal approval for packages or other mail to be delivered or left at the front door. Traditional systems require users to be physically present, whereas cloud systems allow users to manage and monitor remotely.

  • Cloud Systems

    By upgrading your home’s intercom system to a cloud based solution, you’ll move the operation of the system to an internet-based application that can transfer intercom calls to not only the local screens in the house but also to smart devices allowing you to answer your front door from anywhere in the world. Cloud systems offer features such as an intuitive interface, full-screen calling, and smart call routing logic, enhancing the overall user experience. By using a cloud system, it can be easily integrated with other security systems like CCTV and Alarm systems. Why have multiple apps?

  • Remote Access

    Discover the ability to access your intercom system from remote locations via a simple application. This provides the user or homeowner with increased flexibility and enables a streamlined process between your home’s intercom and yourself, no matter where you are.

  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

    We at Castle Security are well-versed in the cloud and will be able to provide either technical maintenance or education around accessing and daily use of the cloud – whichever you feel will be of more use to your home’s intercom system.

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    Castle Security’s cloud intercom systems boast features such as an intuitive interface, seamless pairing, and smart call routing logic. With plenty of experience in cloud migration, particularly with cloud based home security systems including intercoms, the team is ready to help make your transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

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