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Protect employees in isolated or high-risk environments, ensuring they can safeguard their own health in addition to overall safety.

Benefits Of Investing In Employee Health And Safety

With the number of lone workers increasing year-on-year, and new work & health risks emerging all the time, it has never been more important to invest in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) compliance, especially in alignment with work health and safety laws. Ensuring compliance not only safeguards workers but also solidifies the foundation of responsible business practices.

  • Australian Work, Health & Safety Laws

    When your business partners with Castle Security, your workplace benefits from industry-leading medical and staff security, plus tailored training and local 24-hour monitoring response ready whenever required. “PCBU relating” every aspect of its operations, Castle Security takes its obligations seriously to ensure safety and compliance as per Safe Work Australia guidelines. This approach is a core part of their reasonable policy to protect workers in all scenarios.

  • Duty of Care

    Accidents can happen in a workplace at any time. As an employer, to abide by all health and safety laws, you have a duty of reasonable care to provide employees with the medical security equipment they need to feel secure at work, whether alone on a job site or moving between cases.

    In the event of an emergency or injury, a planned work process involving a panic alarm or man-down alarm is a vital first-response tool to reach help, designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by Australian WHS laws.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response

    Castle Security is Australia’s leading business security company, offering affordable 24-hour monitored security solutions to suit any business workplace. Our local team can respond to a triggered alarm at any time of the day or night, implementing control measures and alerting managers or staff in case of an emergency.

    Think of our 24-hour monitored security service as an added layer of security on top of panic alarms, for effective and efficient crisis response, guided by a thorough risk assessment process.

  • Lone Worker Alarm Upkeep

    From panic buttons for an independent worker to man-down alarms for staff with medical conditions, or employees working offsite on their own with unpredictable clients, we specialise in tailored safety alarms for individual safety.

  • Coverage for Independent Service Providers

    Particularly for businesses working with labour-hire companies or self-employed contractors. Covering independent or external service providers under your security solutions can ensure seamless data integrity and compliance, minimises the risk of cyber threats, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

  • Employee Security Is Ever Evolving

    Keep on top of emerging threats or new workplace requirements a with a scheduled maintenance program and reasonable instruction, your medical security devices are always in the best working order for reliability in an emergency.

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    We Identify Hazards & Find Solutions

    At Castle Security, we recognise the evolving workplace health and safety challenges faced by employees in various sectors, particularly those working through a labour-hire company, including self-employed persons.

    Our advanced security systems are meticulously designed to address the unique needs of your workforce, ensuring that everyone, from lone workers to those in high-risk environments, is safeguarded effectively, whilst abiding by all WHS laws.

    Whether it’s integrating state-of-the-art panic alarms, man-down alerts, or robust monitoring solutions, we are committed to creating a safe infrastructure for your business with resources that prioritise hazard identification.

    Ready to enhance your workplace WHS? Contact Castle Security today for a free safety consultation and see how our tailored security solutions can protect your most valuable asset—your people.

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