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What Can You Automate Within Your Home?

Home automation or smart homes can be loosely defined as the act of controlling appliances and select pieces of equipment in your home remotely and automatically. This could extend to turning an appliance off from the other side of the house or adjusting your washing machine’s timer from a location far away from your home. Homes that use these techniques are often dubbed ‘smart homes’.

Along with appliances and equipment, there are plenty of other things that can be automated within your home. Other examples include security systems (such as alarms and CCTV cameras), lighting, technology, door locks, blinds, home theatre systems, heating and cooling systems and much more.

So how can a home automation system revolutionise your home’s functionality and bring it into the future?

Benefits of Home Automation Systems

  • Save Time Securing Your Home's Safety

    Through a single phone application, you’ll be able to control an ever-growing number of your home’s appliances and equipment from wherever you are. This is not only convenient for lifestyle purposes, but it improves your home’s security through ease of access to your home’s alarm, cameras, and lights.

  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting Home Automation Systems

    Receive ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of any problems you may encounter with your home’s automation system. Your system will send reports to you and flag a notification for any faults it picks up, if there is anything you can’t solve yourselves we’re just a call away.

  • Design Your Ideal Smart Home

    Prior to installation, you’ll also be able to work closely with us to custom-design your home’s ideal security-based automation system suited to your needs and budget. Smart homes are a little bit like Lego, you can build it as you go, and once you have the main system in place, adding to it is easy.

  • Increased Quality of Life

    The elderly, disabled, and those who may otherwise require additional help and care, will be given the advantage of technology to assist with living alone. Simple things like having lights dim at certain times before it gets dark, or if you get up during the night. Alarm systems can arm themselves at certain times and have the ability to communicate with help if required with a push of an emergency button.

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    • What devices can be integrated into a home automation system?

      Home automation can include a variety of devices such as appliances, such as a smart hub security system consisting of alarms, CCTV cameras, lighting, door locks and blinds to home automation products aimed at convenience such as home theatre systems, and heating and cooling systems. Essentially, most electrical devices in your home can be controlled remotely with a smart home setup.

    • How does home automation improve home security?

      By integrating security cameras, smart locks, and alarm systems into your home automation system, you can monitor and control your home’s security from anywhere. This connectivity allows you to check on your property via live feeds, receive alerts if an alarm is triggered, and even lock or unlock doors remotely, ensuring peace of mind.

    • What are the benefits of automating heating and cooling systems in my Perth home?

      Automating your heating and cooling systems can significantly increase energy efficiency, leading to reduced utility bills. You can program your system to adjust the temperature based on time of day or whether anyone is home, or via voice command, ensuring optimal comfort when you’re there and energy savings when you’re not.

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