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Castle Security offers the best CCTV systems in Perth, backed by our extensive expertise and top-quality products. Choose from a wide range of security cameras to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Residential CCTV Security Cameras in Perth

Residential security cameras have come a long way in recent years. Homeowners can now keep an eye on their property by watching recorded CCTV footage remotely anytime, anywhere with a state-of-the-art commercial-grade CCTV camera package from Castle Security.

Modern surveillance cameras for the home provide the convenience of 24/7 remote monitoring combined with technological advances that allow for all-weather CCTV in every kind of Australian home.

Technological advances have also increased the popularity of using Cloud-based CCTV.

What to Consider When Choosing Home Security Cameras

Every home is different, so every home security system will have a different focus. Castle Security has more than 30 years of experience in CCTV installations and upgrades. Here’s what our security experts consider when designing home security camera systems:

Vulnerable entry and perimeter points

Who, what, and where is being protected

Benefits of wireless CCTV cameras

Areas to be monitored

Combined alarm, home CCTV and intercom systems

Remote access application through internet connection

Night colour security cameras

Reactive cameras – Pre-recorded voices or flashing LEDs

Weather conditions the security cameras are exposed to (indoor cameras or outdoor security cameras)

Cloud vs on-site storage

Tailor-Designed Home Security System By Castle Security

Every home has unique security needs and if you can’t find a solution that works for you in the packages above, contact us to talk to a home security expert about the best solution for you.

We can design, install and upgrade security cameras for your home based on your needs and budget. What matters to us is keeping your family protected.

  • CCTV Cloud Security System

    Gone are the days of overwriting or losing security footage. Now you have all the security you need, in the palm of your hand.

    • Protect against NVR/DVR theft, failure, or tampering
    • Access, download and share footage any time
    • Works on your home WiFi network
    • Real-time CCTV camera access from anywhere
    • Artificial intelligence added to existing cameras
    • Motion and event alerts
    • Secure off-site file storage
    • User-friendly smartphone app

  • Wireless Security Camera Systems

    Using the edge and cloud-based artificial intelligence along with the intuitive mobile app, you can set up motion detection alerts for human and car detection massively limiting false events by up to 99% only receiving the notifications that actually matter! Download and share videos with ease, no more sitting and going through hours of footage, and access stored videos for much longer than on-site NVR systems allow. There are two options for CCTV cloud storage:

    1. Direct to the cloud
    2. Combined cloud and local recorder

  • Why Choose Us For Home CCTV Cameras

    Castle Security is the leader in Australian home security, with more than 30 years of experience. Surveillance cameras for homes may have changed a lot in 30 years, but our commitment to your safety has been constant throughout.

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    • Why should I choose Castle Security for my home CCTV installation?

      With over 30 years of experience, Castle Security is a leader in residential security in Australia. We are committed to providing top-tier, custom-designed CCTV solutions that ensure your family’s safety and peace of mind. Our team of experts is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service and reliability.

    • How quickly can Castle Security install CCTV cameras at my home?

      After an initial consultation and system design tailored to your needs, installation can typically be completed within a few days. Our expert technicians ensure a swift and efficient setup with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

    • What maintenance is required for a home CCTV system?

      Castle Security recommends regular preventative maintenance to ensure your CCTV system functions correctly. After the warranty period, we offer maintenance packages that include regular check-ups and system upgrades to align with the latest technology.

    • What are the advantages of choosing cloud storage over local storage for CCTV footage?

      Cloud storage offers several benefits, including protection against NVR/DVR theft, tampering, or failure. It enables easy access, downloading, and sharing of footage anytime from anywhere. Cloud options provide extended storage capabilities compared to local systems and allow real-time access to live and recorded footage.

    • Can the CCTV system be integrated with my smart home devices?

      Yes, our systems can be connected to your smart home devices. This integration allows you to manage your security system, including cameras and alarms, from a central smart device for convenience and enhanced control.

    • How many CCTV cameras do I need for adequate coverage of my home?

      The number of cameras depends on the size and layout of your property. We offer a consultation to assess your home and determine the optimal number of cameras needed to monitor all critical areas effectively.

    • What factors should I consider before installing a home CCTV system?

      When choosing a CCTV system for your home, consider vulnerable entry points, perimeter areas needing surveillance, the benefits of wireless cameras versus wired systems, integration with home alarms and intercoms, remote accessibility needs, weather resistance for outdoor cameras, storage options (cloud vs. on-site), and image quality. Castle Security tailors solutions based on these factors to best fit your property.

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    Protect your home and loved ones with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems. At Castle Security we offer surveillance solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your home today and enjoy peace of mind with our reliable, easy-to-use CCTV systems.

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